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Blast from the Past

Long Day 1

Travelling can have many reasons, work, exploring new things, new places; experiencing new cultures, but one many people forget is reminiscing. Traveling to visits old places where you grew up. Showing others where and what you did when you were younger. My high school BCHS, Burlington Central in Ontario, was celebrating it's 100th year anniversary, and thus gave us a reason to go back and visit. We had a companion ticket available, but had to fly in the lower 48 states, so we decided to fly from our home in Phoenix AZ to Buffalo NY.  Buffalo is just over an hour from Burlington. We had originally planned to do Behind the falls at Niagara Falls, but were too tired from the red eye flight, so we just did a quick stop by the falls. One of my favorite rock bands is Rush and just had to visit "Lakeside Park" in St Catharines ON, which was on the way to Burlington. There is a pavilion in memory of Neil Peart, Rush's drummer and lyricist who memorialized the park in a song .

New Old Places

I had lived in southern Ontario for over 15 teen years but never had a chance to visit some places. One of these is Toronto Island.  We decided to take the GO train from Burlington to Toronto which is an hour away. The train stopped at Union Station about 1/2 mile walk from the ferries to the island. The train tickets were $36 CDN round trip for both of us and the ferry was about $20 CND. This is by far the best way to go since it eliminated all the traffic and parking hassles. Cindy also wanted to see the iconic Toronto city hall. This was a longer walk, about 1 mile from the ferry terminal, and allowed us to see a lot of the downtown Toronto area.

There were a even places in Burlington where I had never visited. We were able to see Royal Botanical Gardens and Smokey Hollow Waterfall the following morning.

How Things Change

Friday night was the only event at the anniversary that we were attending, an all alumni party in a tent on the football field. During the day we did some sightseeing of the schools and houses I had lived in. When we first moved to Burlington I was in the 6th grade and we had a town house so the first schools was Mohawk Elementary. For 7th grade it was Pineland. We then moved to a house and my school was Tecumseh for the 8th grade and finally BCHS for 9-12. Scott, one of my best friends, who lived around the corner my house, and now lives in Perth ON, came down to Burlington for a couple of days, since he too went to BCHS. The only really exciting things that happened at the tent event was a fast moving thunderstorm that had us all rush into the gymnasium. On Saturday the school had an open house so we all went to see our old classrooms and how things had changed. That night, one of Scott's good friends, a musician, Blake Halliday, was playing in Crystal Beach, another place I had not been to, so we decided to for a drive down from Burlington to see him perform.

Remembering the Past

Sunday was the last day that we spent in Burlington and we were going to spend the next week at Scott house in Perth ON. Scott had just got back in touch with a mutual friend Frank so we went to see him in Whitby ON, which was on the way to Perth. Frank owned a blue corvette and was one of the first pictures that I sold. I also needed to tell him the story of how I met the sister of his old girlfriend tubing down the river outside of Phoenix AZ. We could not drive to Perth without stopping in Batawa a small town I had lived in prior to Burlington. My parents still had friends there so we stopped in for a bit. Thanks Liba and Henry for the nice lunch.

Perth, Ontario

Perth is a small town of about 6500 in Eastern Ontario established in 1816 and is located 52 miles southwest of Ottawa. It was a great central location for visiting a lot of different locations.

Rideau Canal Waterway From May to October, the canal is open as a 202 km-long navigational waterway for boaters and paddlers. A historic lockage system and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It consists of 29 individual locks that allow travel up and down the canal from Ottawa to Kingston, through many remote environments and townsites.

Gananoque 1 hour south of Perth and is the Gateway to the Thousand Islands.

Montreal 3 hours east

Hostyn 1.3 hours north of Montreal

Gunter Lake - 2 hours west